One Name Study

I’ve been gathering information on the GODSMARK families of this world for many years. I would like it to be available for future genealogist generations so in due course I will deposit here all that I’ve collected over the years.

I first became interested in the Godsmark name when I started researching my own family in the 1990s. I was fascinated to find that my maternal great-great-grandmother was Keziah Godsmark, I had never heard the name before. It soon evolved into a search for anyone with that name and so started my One Name Study.

What I offer here is to HELP you in your own research, many hours of work has been put into the research and documentation on these pages. While every care and attention has been made I cannot claim it to be 100% correct. Never, never take anything for granted until YOU have checked your sources. I hope you will benefit from the information I present here. Many others have contributed generously to the information contained within & I hope you will consider doing the same.

If you are looking for a specific parish record (Godsmark only) then check under the 'Blog Archive' on the right panel of the blog, all parish records posted so far have been named & listed.

23 September 2015

Lindfield, Sussex PRs - Godsmark


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